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Smoking DMT: Ceremony, Method and Dosage
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Disclaimer: DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are now both Schedule 1 illegal drugs in the U.S.A., and many other countries. Check your local laws if you are interested in smoking either of these tryptamines. The information presented here is for educational purpose only.


There have been many different scenarios suggested for both the ceremony of smoking DMT and the method; this description from Gracie and Zarkhov’s ‘Notes from the Underground’ is both informative and an undisputed classic.


Getting Ready


1. We recommend a uniformly, though not brightly, lit room. Unlike with mushrooms, in total darkness the DMT visions are rather drab. In full sunlight the colors are unbelievably intense with red and gold predominating but we feel that bright sunlight tends to obscure some of the intricate detail so characteristic of DMT visions. We usually do it during the day in a room that is brightly lit with indirect light.


2. Get comfortably seated where you can lie back and rest your head during the trance. If you smoke DMT standing up, you will almost certainly fall on your ass if you get a good hit!


3. We recommend a dosage of about 40-50 mg. The dosage should be weighed out and not eyeballed. Dosages below 25 mg yield only physical and threshold psychedelic effects. Dosages between 25 mg and 40 mg are usually not enough to display the full range of the unique DMT effects described below. Dosages in excess of 55 mg, particularly if you are successful in holding all of the vapor in your lungs, can be VERY heavy and are not recommended for first time users.


Method One: The "Freebase" Method


4a. Obtain a "freebase" airpipe such as the one illustrated below. Use with the largest funnel type

bowl you can find. Insert the largest fine mesh stainless steel screen that will fit into the bowl. Then sprinkle the DMT uniformly over the center of the mesh screen. Make sure to keep thE DMT away from the edges of the screen so that when it melts it does not run over the edge of the screen.


Freebase Method


5a. Hold a match or torch above the screen and inhale deeply and slowly. Do not let the flame touch the DMT as this will destroy much of the drug. DMT melts and vaporizes easily so the point is to let the hot air rushing by the flame into the pipe vaporize the DMT. It is quite easy to vaporize the DMT and end up with the airchamber full of white DMT vapor.


Method Two: The Classic Psychedelic Ranger Method


4b. If you hang out around a good glass blower or long time "head" you might be able to obtain a classic DMT pipe such as the one illustrated. Load the DMT into the glass reaction chamber and heat the outside bottom of the chamber with a flame.


5b. When the white vapor appears, breathe in deeply and slowly. If you inhale too soon or too quickly, the powdered DMT will be blown down your throat. It is not active that way. Make sure that all of the DMT is vaporized. In the absence of a classic DMT pipe, some people use a regular 'hash oil' pipe heated from the outside. We find this too tricky to be reliable. You are just as likely to end up with boiling liquid DMT in your mouth. (That's why the classic pipe has a "V" shaped stem.) We personally use the "freebase" method.


In either case...


6. The smoke is very harsh. It tastes like burning plastic. It isn't particularly hot, but you will have a tendency to cough. On each toke try to hold your breath for as long as possible. Exhale and immediately take a second toke. The physical effects, a buzzing or vibration throughout your whole body, come on first. The intensity of these effects is not a reliable guide to the dosage of DMT that you have consumed. Keep taking lungfuls and holding them until all of the premeasured DMT is consumed. Gracie suggests that the best way to smoke DMT is to try to smoke as much as you can before you inevitablly fall into a trance. While not recommended for beginners, it does capture the approach you should take towards smoking your premeasured dose.


One advantage of the "freebase" method is that the 50 mg of DMT can be divided into three toke sized piles. The smaller amount can be easily vaporized and inhaled in one breath with the screen being reloaded with DMT after each toke.


7. Just as you feel yourself "going over the top", exhale. Breathe normally, close your eyes and enjoy the visions.

Your companions should be instructed to take the pipe from you when you close your eyes because you will have poor motor control. Since you will be in a trance for 4-8 minutes, you should also have told them not to disturb you. To them you will look like you are asleep. This is not a social drug or one to be taken casually; you will be entranced.


8. When you come our of the trance, remain seated for about 10 more minutes as you will still have only shaky control of your limbs.


9. In 30 minutes from the time you started you will be pretty much down, but still euphoric. You will be completely down after a total of about one hour.


1O. We do not recommend that DMT be combined with other drugs. It should be done on a clean head. Marijuana fogs the effects. It is not a party drug: the effects are most entertaining experienced in a quiet room. When DMT is smoked at the peak of a mushroom or LSD trip, the effects are spectacular, but only recommended for the experienced, most brave (or some might say, most foolhardy) of investigators. The effects used at the peak of another psychedelic can last for several hours.


Having trouble getting high on DMT? A differing view on using Cannabis and tryptamines.


The little ‘classical’ literature on smoking DMT that we have – lets say Nick Sand’s articles, and the Gracie and Zarkhov piece seen above – all state that cannabis and DMT should not be mixed, and the ‘freebase’ method of smoking DMT – vaporizing the DMT instead of burning it on top of cannabis or some other smokable herb – seems to be universally considered to be the superior method. However for a small percentage of DMT smokers – perhaps as many as 10-15% judging by those polled at various conferences by this author – have a great deal of difficulty of actually getting high with this method, and can smoke large quantities of DMT ineffectually while the people either side of them are getting blasted on a couple of tokes. I was one of those people, and since I am a self-proclaimed 5-methoxy-DMT freak, I just thought that DMT was not for me. That was until I discovered that if I smoked the DMT on top of a bowl of cannabis (preferably in a bong or bubbler where I can get a big solid hit) it worked just fine.


In an interesting series of back room discussions at the inaugural MAPS conference, I discovered that I was not the only experienced psychonaut who had made this discovery. One person related smoking close to a gram of DMT in Australia with the freebase method to no effect – he said people were so horrified they had to leave the room. (I too have seen that look of horror when I have smoked enough DMT for three people in an offered freebase pipe and then have had to admit that it had had no effect on me.) Tryptamines when smoked with cannabis however also worked for him – and he had an interesting theory of why this worked. According to him, we all have serotonin ‘towers’ that surround our brain (part of the blood brain barrier I presume) and that in some people these defenses were taller (stronger) than others. It was his belief that by smoking cannabis either directly before or with the DMT, the THC in the cannabis effectively lowers the serotonin defenses, allowing the DMT to ‘flow over the dam’ and enter the brain.


Having espoused this theory over the last summer, I have had the chance to have it  to the test (at least on myself) by other skeptical DMT heads, and the results seem conclusive. I am apparently somewhat immune to even large doses of freebased DMT no matter what way it is delivered – with the extreme taste usually wrecking my throat and lungs – while a normal dose with cannabis has clear and immediate effects. So for me, personally, it appears that if I want to enter the mysteries of the DMT universe, I need to do so with the cannabis plant as my helper. (Or perhaps by IM, a route I have never tried). And so if DMT has never worked that great for you by freebasing – and with all due respect to Nick Sand, and to Gracie and Zarkhov – you might as well give it a try, who knows, like me you might be surprised!


~ Mr. Toad Speaks, An opposing view on cannabis and DMT.


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